Thermal insulation

Durisol construction system offers integrated thermal protection of walls and ceilings without thermal bridges. The outer side of walls with high thermal resistance prevents passage of cold air into the wall and therefore its cooling. On the other side, concrete core eith high thermal accumulation returns the heat, which accumulate in it during the day, back to the room at night. Thanks to the combination of brilliant thermo-insulation properties and to the thickness of walls (compared to the other construction materials remarkably narrower) we obtain also bigger living and floor area.

Porosity of Durisol boards

The porosity of Durisol boards provides both excellent connection with a concrete core, a mortar, a bonding cement (during concreting and surface finishing works) and perfect sound absorption.

Mounting of Durisol system

The minimum amount of mechanisms and small number of workmen – this is the pregnant characteristic of the construction of houses with Durisol construction system, nevertheless the building-up is as well quick and highly saving. Minimum equipment of construction site (electric energy 220 V) is enough for the buliding-up. 80 % of the weight of construction material gives the concrete which is inserted into the building by the pump (but this wet process takes only 15 % of the building-up time). Additional modifications (e.g. enlargement of windows or doors, installation of arcs) can be realized during the building-up. Easy subsequent realization of a wiring system, a water and heating distribution or a central vacuum cleaner goes without saying. Plaster savings are guaranteed by the straightness and perpendicularity of buildings made of Durisol boards.

Other properties

All the constructions made of Durisol construction system are sanitarly and hygienically safe. Regerding fire protection, the constructions also show high values.

Conclusion, evaluation

Do you want to live economically and healthy? That is why to choose Durisol. Thermal and sound wall insulations generate you ease and comfort living in your house. Pleasant cool in summer, comfort warm in winter. Your house in two camions? Yes with Durisol, and for you it means another savings. Concerning future amendments of notices (e.g. about thermo-insulation), with our parametres you are going to fulfil them with no need of future reconstructions.

How simple .. Progress of construction

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